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Due to limited parking in our car parks, it will be necessary to close off access to them when they become full. In these circumstances, access to the hall to drop off passengers shall be restricted to disabled passengers only. To this extent, we have limited disable parking spaces and once full, no further spaces can be provided. A disable badge will not guarantee you a space in the car park once full.

If you see the ‘CAR PARK FULL’ sign at the entrance, move on and park elsewhere, preferably in the Tenterden Shoppers Car Park through Preston Road (see below). Please do not argue with the traffic marshals or hold up traffic on Woodcock Hill and avoid dropping off passengers at the entrance as this causes traffic congestion.

If you do park on the streets, please be considerate – do not block driveways or park on the verge or in a manner that may restrict the movement of traffic. Woodcock Hill is used as a bus route, so ensure that two-way traffic is still able to pass.

Note, to encourage car sharing, single occupant cars will NOT be allowed into the car parks.

Warning - We are getting many complaints from local residents and police about inconsiderate parking and cars may be clamped or towed away if this happens.