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About GAA London
The Gujarati Arya Association London (GAAL) was formed in1968 and registered as a charitable organisation (registration number: 265170) in 1971.
It was formed with a few founder members and over the last 35 years, the community has grown to approximately 800 families within Greater London area most of which reside in the London Borough of Brent.
The association is affiliated with nine other similar associations based throughout England which all fall under the umbrella of Gujarati Arya Kshatriya Mahasabha (UK).
GAAL is governed by a constitution and is a registered Charity. It is managed by Executive Committee of 15 members and all financial assets are monitored by a board of Trustees of which there are 5 members.
The object of the Association is to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of persons belonging to the Gujarati Mochi Community either by descent or marriage, residing primarily in the United Kingdom. In furtherance exclusively of the foregoing main object, the Association also may exercise .... :

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