Gujarati Arya Association London ESTABLISHED IN 1971

The Future

To make Kenton Hall the central hub for our Greater London Community where we can all meet on a regular basis for social, cultural and religious activities. The hall should be an attraction for all age groups where the community feels it’s ‘their hall’ and want to contribute towards the organising and running of their hall. Furthermore, to see a greater participation from our next generation of youths and to see them build on our success. Ultimately, our goal being to progress our community and services to the next level, purchase the freehold for Kenton Hall, pay off our financial debts and reinvest back into the community.

Our Challenges

Currently due to a substantial commercial mortgage on the hall, plus the cost of running the hall, we have to hire out the hall at a price enough to meet our outgoings. It is our eventual aim, that once we have paid off our financial debts, we can offer our members a large subsidy for the hall hire. One of the big challenges we are currently facing is to better engage our youths, not only in participating in our functions and events but to also assist in the running of the hall, stepping forward to become committee members and in the future, taking leadership roles.

GAA London Safeguarding Policy

For the protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. GAA London is fully committed to ensuring the protection and safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse, whether it is a function/activity held by GAAL, or anyone attending Kenton Hall. The aims of safeguarding arrangements are to prevent harm and reduce the risk of abuse or neglect to vulnerable persons wherever possible. The GAA London’s safeguarding policy is detailed within this document and all Trustees, staff, volunteers or anyone working on/or on behalf of GAA London must adhere to.

The Dream

Join Our Membership

We want young and dynamic executive committee to run our organisation attracting more youths to participate in the events organised by GAA London.

Join Our Mailing List

Organise more activities for our seniors and form a regular meeting place at our hall especially for the ones who are living on their own. Form a youth-elder connection to visit and regularly communicate with our lone elders.

Promote Hindu Culture & Religion

Hold religious functions – Navratri, Bhajans, celebrate Diwali and Hindu new year.

Extend Our Network Outside Our Community

Make contacts and unite with all similar organisations in Greater London and United Kingdom in general to develop and promote good communication and good relations between persons of different ethnic groups. To help external charities both in UK and abroad by raising funds for their good causes.

Provide Help Within Our Community

Provide education classes, promote sports and encourage students by giving them bursaries.

Kenton Hall

Pay off our mortgage and expand Kenton Hall, be financially secure and in future to buy freehold on Kenton Hall. Employ a full-time caretaker for the Kenton Hall.

Electronic Communication

Dear Member(s),
The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees would like to advise you that the next Biennial
General Meeting (BGM) will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 21st April, 2024. Please save the
date and have a say in your Mandal’s future. Further details about the BGM will

May Newsletter

Dear Members,
We are delighted to share the first edition of GAAL’s Monthly Newsletter.
We plan to share with the community details of what is happening and information about future events every month.  This is your newsletter so please make contributions and make suggestions to Seema Parmar (07944305 750).