Gujarati Arya Association London ESTABLISHED IN 1971

President’s Message

Kamlesh Vara

I am very privileged to have been appointed President of GAA London.   I have worked for many years as an Executive Committee member and have served two terms as Trustee for GAA London, most recently as Chair of the Trustees.  I am married to Dee Vara and have two daughters, Tianna, who works in London, and Rani, who is studying at University.
GAA London is a vibrant and diverse community and has grown from strength to strength since its origin in 1971.  In the early days, the purpose was to provide community members with a way of meeting one another and celebrating key religious and cultural events.  As the decades have passed, family sizes have grown, the community has prospered and the needs of our community members have changed.
I would like to carry on the good work started by previous Presidents, Executive Committees, and Board of Trustees and look at the changing dynamics of our community and seek greater engagement by our members.  My key priority is to work on initiatives and events that are more relevant to younger members of our community.  Looking back, I have fond memories of the many Diwali and Navratri functions that I attended and I would like opportunities like this to be available to younger members, in a way that appeals to them.  My aim is to get better engagement and involvement to enable GAA London to carry on its traditions and culture for the families of today.   This year we have successfully run Holi for families, Family Fun Day and Navratri events (inc. Bala and Garba workshops) and have many more new and different events in the pipeline.
In addition, I would like to work closely with some of the community’s sub-groups.   The Senior Citizen Club is doing a wonderful job and I would like to support the great work being done with senior members of our community, through regular meet-ups and fun and informative activities.  The Ladies Social Club is organising relevant events, activities, and cultural excursions, which I fully support, and would like to promote more events and sessions that support mental and physical well-being.  I am encouraging a similar group to be started for men, where they can meet and socialise regularly to undertake activities like table tennis, walking football, cards, and carrom.
I hope we can rely on your continued support to make the next few decades an even greater success for our community.