Gujarati Arya Association London ESTABLISHED IN 1971

Sports - Golf

Created in 2009 through the vision of Ramesh Parmar and Anil Pardiwalla, the GAA Golf Society has grown over the years and now boasts over 40 members and many guests, playing in top quality venues around the London area.

The Society is run by a sub-committee, which currently consists of Dharmesh Chouhan (captain), Ashvin Chauhan (Treasurer), Ashwin Amin (Secretary), Hitesh Chouhan (Vice-Captain) with the sole aim of creating Golf Tournaments for like-minded people in a competitive, yet fun manner where people can socialise whilst enjoying a sport they are passionate about.

The GAA Golf Society is not an ‘exclusive’ club. We run the society with a view to including everyone regardless of age, gender and golfing ability. The golf days and memberships are open to anyone whether they are a Mochi or not. All non-golfers are welcomed to attend the dinner afterwards.

Whilst we maintain an inclusive atmosphere, the ethos of GAA golf has not changed from day one which is to “Promote the sport amongst our community and support all other youth sporting activities through fundraising via the golf days”. This has been very successful to date and we have managed to raise considerable funds, which have hopefully benefitted our youngsters and encouraged them to get active through many sporting events organised by the committee.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, the Golf Committee have organised many golf days, an annual BBQ event and a weekend away. Each year has seen the popularity of the society increase and we look forward to growing further in the future.

We encourage golfers of all levels to join us in our golf days and come and see what we are all about. The vision is to grow the sport within the Mahasabha community and one day hold an inter-association tournament.

Dharmesh Chouhan (On behalf of the GAA Golf Society Committee)


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