Gujarati Arya Association London ESTABLISHED IN 1971


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Hall Hire

The Kenton Hall is a magnificent venue, originally built in the early 1900s as a sports pavilion… It resides in a truly splendid...
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Who We Are


About Us

The Gujarati Arya Association London (GAAL) was formed in 1968 and then registered as a charitable organisation in 1971 (registration number: 265170).

It was formed by a few visionary and founder members and over the last 50 or so years, the Greater London community has grown to over 800 families, residing mainly in the London Boroughs of Brent and Harrow.
The association is affiliated with nine other similar associations based throughout England, which all fall under the umbrella of Gujarati Arya Kshatriya Mahasabha (GAKM).

GAAL is governed by a constitution and is managed by an Executive Committee, which is made up of 17 members, with all of its financial assets monitored by a board of Trustees made up of 5 members.


In The Beginning

Discussions had begun about forming an association of some kind and although we do not have the exact history, we do know that the following people were involved (in alphabetical order) Bhikubhai…



The Committee

To make Kenton Hall the central hub for our Greater London Community where we can all meet on a regular basis for social, cultural and religious activities. The hall should be an attraction for all…



Our Challenges

Currently due to a substantial commercial mortgage on the hall, plus the cost of running the hall, we have to hire out the hall at a price enough to meet our outgoings. It is our eventual aim, that once we have…


Our Future

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We want young and dynamic executive committee to run our organisation attracting more youths to participate in the events organised by GAA London.

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Organise more activities for our seniors and form a regular meeting place at our hall especially for the ones who are living on their own. Form a youth-elder connection to visit and regularly communicate with our lone elders.

Promote Hindu Culture & Religion

Hold religious functions – Navratri, Bhajans, celebrate Diwali and Hindu new year.