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1st Year University Degree – Bursary and High Achievers Recognition



1st Year University Degree – Bursary

To celebrate Diwali and the New Year, the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees wish to recognise the hard work that our younger generation put into their education by offering a bursary award of £75 for those Students starting a degree course this year.

GAA London hopes that this bursary will, in some way, help towards their studies and encourage Students to achieve future goals.

If you would like an application form for the bursary, then please email: or call
Narendra Morar on 07803-288157 for further details.

Please note that in order to be eligible, proof of academic attendance will be required and parents need to be a paid up member of GAA London.

If you wish to become a member, please fill in and return the application form at:



High Achievers Recognition

In addition to offering a Bursary Award, GAA London would also like to recognise the ‘high achievers’ within our Community.  

We know that many members of our Community, young and old, have achieved great things and/or are working towards higher achievements. 

This year, in addition to acknowledging our higher achievers, we like to announce that GAA London has set aside a total of £1,000, that we would offer in grants to help individuals on their path to higher achievements.

We would especially like to hear from the younger and older members of our community who are achieving great things behind the scenes and who deserve recognition.

Examples of achievements could be (but not limited to) obtaining the following:

                      • A-Levels and GCSEs
                      • Sporting achievements (swimming, cricket, football, marathon, martial arts, climbing etc)
                      • Speech, Drama or Dance
                      • Television or social media performances
                      • Charitable pursuits
                      • Doctorates, Masters or high honours Degree
                      • OBE, CBE, Parliamentary Members or Councillors

The above are just some examples of the achievements that we would like to start recognising by placing it on the GAA London website for all the community to see and be proud of.

For a form for achievement recognition please email or

call Kamlesh Vara on 07796-940057 for further details

May we also take this opportunity of wishing you and your families

A Very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year!

Best Wishes from

GAA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees

GAA London





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